Mentor Led Parenting Course

Mentor Led Parenting Courses are a special blend of at-home work and mentor discussion. They allow you to work with a mentor, often a friend, family member, or maybe someone who just recently met, and also connect with parents in your area going through similar phases of life. If you have questions about this course, …

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TSG Circle Groups

WELCOME TO ALL TSG CIRCLE MEMBERS! We are so glad you are here!  Take a moment and read through the pages below before opening your first Article to read. You can continue to expect updates, changes, and improvements to this portion of the site.  We hope that your TSG Circle will become indispensable to your …

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Mentor Training

Welcome to the Teaching Self-Government mentor training! In this training you will be presented a series of videos taken from the August 2016 live mentor training. As this was a live recording, we have done our best to make sure you can see and hear everything; however, please excuse us for those times when it might …

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Dare to Take Command

As parents deliberately trying to create the kind of family we want, there is one issue that we’re constantly faced with and will never be able to escape. This is by far the number one problem that parents ask me about after working to teach self-government in their home. It’s without a doubt the hardest thing any of us will …

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TSG Parenting Course

[user_id] Welcome to the TSG Parenting Course! We’re really excited you have made the decision to start this journey with your family. This course was originally called the Implementation Course (now called the Deep Dive), which could easily take the better part of a year; however, we wanted to condense the most valuable contents of …

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Deep Dive

  This course is NOT designed to be completed in a specific order. You may find that you already understand a certain concept; you don’t need to complete every item. Most people do the course in the following order: Roots, Trunk, and then Branches. Others find that a different order is helpful. Welcome!! You have …

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Calm Parenting Toolkit

Welcome to the Calm Parenting Toolkit! Click “What is Self Government?“ in the Course Navigation to get started.