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Great Parenting is
Easier than you Think!

by Nicholeen Peck

I’m going to ask you to pay a small amount for
“Calm Parenting-like you’ve never heard before!” Audio/eBook Course.

This course contains information that all the other parenting courses out there are missing
…information that has made the difference in all sorts of families’ lives all over the world!

I am keeping the price low so that any family can afford to benifit from this powerful material.

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Why This Offer?

Families today are faced with:

  • challenges that didn’t even exist a generation or two ago
  • children affected by subtle and not-so-subtle messages that run contrary to traditional family values
  • shifting societal norms thatnegatively influence parenting without us even realizing it

I am offering you this course to combat these insidious negative changes to the familyand empower you to have the joyful family you desire, one that is a place of safety, unity and happiness!

If you’re ready to invest a small amount in your family’s hapiness…then I think you will realize in less than 5 minutes from your purchase that it was one of the smartest investments you have made all year!

Meet Your Expert Parenting Coach

Nicholeen Peck ImageMy name is Nicholeen Peck, and recently I was asked to speak at the UN about parenting, and the issues parents face in today’s world. Of all the speakers there, I was the only one offering parenting solutions that work.

How do I know this?

14 years of experience, study and teaching have proven what I teach to be the “missing link” to true parenting success.

2014-03-27_1117.pngIn fact, when I spoke at the UN the room I spoke in was packed!

People were sitting on the floor and crowding into the doorway! And hundreds of CD’s containing only SOME of the information I am offering to you today were snatched up so fast that people were begging for more!

Everyone listening to my presentation intimately knew the problems in families today, but the solutions have eluded even the most influential people for years.

In fact, many country representatives insisted I give them my card and that we speak, as they need these solutions I am offering you today taught in their own countries!

I Understand Your Pressing Parenting Issues!

Just look at our society today, recently, here in the U.S., good outstanding citizens had their daughter sue them for financial support and college tuition, this after she was kicked out of her house for not following the rules her parents had laid out. School shootings, stabbings, kids into drugs and all sorts of things…we see it in the news every day!


We see glaring problems with kids all around us.

  • Our current culture often depicts parents as stupid and kids as kings.
  • Employers are hiring today’s kids and firing them just as fast because the kids don’t want responsibility and they can’t truly problem solve.
  • And these kids commonly reflect our current popular culture of disrespect and entitlement.

This situation scares me!

It should scare every single parent today!

This is the Answer!

I know what I teach works because after being a foster parent of some of the toughest teens, and then being on the BBC Show, the World’s Strictest Parents, I have studied, used, and taught the very best principles and skills that help all sorts of families be happy and united AND raise responsible, problem solving, respectful childrenand teens.

Families all over the world have been changed for the better by implementing even only a small part of what I am going to teach you…families in the United States, China, England, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Philippines, and Australia, and…I could go on…

This information is in demand! (More than I ever thought, evidenced by the conversations I had with representatives and dignitaries at the United Nations!)

This is for you if:

*You just want to refine yourself to be the best parent possible
*You want greater personal peace as a parent
*Things are ok, but you want a happier, more united family

Or if:

*A calm, happy familyeludes you
*Your kids won’t listen
*You lose it when your kids misbehave or
*Your kids are disrespectful

*Your teens are out-of-control

​”Calm Powerful Parenting -like you’ve never heard before!” includes:

The Power of Calm
digital audio class

  • Great parenting is when parents calmly handle even the hard times of family life.
  • Remain calm when dealing with the stresses of raising children in our fast paced world.
  • No more losing control! Calm you and your child at the same time.

Training the Heart
digital audio class

  • Stop being a victim to emotional reactions that create misery for you and your family!
  • Learn about personal freedom for your: body, mind, and heart, the 3 parts of a soul that are meant to work together, not against each other. When a person learns how to listen and respond to their heart, that person has extreme happiness. This kind of self-governance is power.

Popular Parenting Methods
Are They Really Working?
Time for CPR!

Cultural Parenting Revolution

eBook & digital audio class

  • Do parenting methods of today really work?
  • Do they really teach us how to raise children to become self-governing, responsible, happy adults?

This book examines popular parenting methods and the long term results we can expect them to produce in our children so that parents can do what really works and restore homes to bean environment where children are trained to be responsible, self-governing adults. (This Audio is the presentation given at the United Nation’s Convention on the Status of Women)

Here’s the core course

If you’re ready, buy now.
I sell these products individually on my website for over $50.
But, I am offering this powerful bundle today discounted to $29.95!

If you’re not ready…
Read below about what you can expect to learn from this course, and what others have said!
oh, I also have some bonus content I want to give you…more about that in a bit.

After completing this course you will…

  • Have the skills to clearly understand how your family relationships are doing
  • Find answers to some of your difficult parenting problems.
  • Know how to use these powerful principles and skills to remain calm in the toughest parenting situations.
  • Know how to more fully connect with your children heart-to-heart.
  • Have a clear picture of how to get the the long-term results you want for your children.
  • Understand the power of self-government and how well you are doing at it.
  • Be prepared to learn a family system with specific skills that will skyrocket your family’s unity and happiness.

How is this training different from all the rest out there?

Let me tell you a little more about myself and how I know this course can help you.


Here’s me with my family.

This is how it all started…as a young mother we were strapped for cash, so after training to be a foster parent we took in some of the toughest teens, really out-of control kids, for income.

The techniques and methods I was trained in worked amazingly well with these youth! Friends and family begged me to teach them how I had such great success with these troubled teens. So I started studying more and teaching the techniques in small circles.

Then, in 2009, the BBC in England asked my family to be on the reality TV show, “The World’s Strictest Parents”. This meant that two really out-of-control teens from England, AND a film crew would be in my home for eight days where all the ‘live action’ of trying to turn these teens around would be recorded for the whole world to see.

Knowing my family had succeeded often with wild teens, we took the plunge and agreed.

Wow! What an adventure that was! (You’ll have to watch the show!)

The show was aired, and we became an overnight sensation. Few could believe that without yelling, arguing, or threats of any kind these teens were tamed! Many thought that what we did was not even possible! But it was! And it was all very real! (Believe me, it was ALL very real!)

For 14 years I have continued studying and teaching these very same powerful parenting techniques, and over and over again families have proven these teachings to be life changing!

I tell you all of this to emphasize that there are simple things that you can do today that will give you more peace and unity in your family, even in a short eight days time (like the time I had with the teens from England). It has been proven over and over again –in my own home, and in thousands of homes like yours worldwide!

Now for the bonuses!

I Want You To Succeed!

Helping families be happy and raise responsible, respectful kids is such a passion,
I want to be sure you have the tools you need to succeed!
So I am adding on several fabulous bonuses to your purchase today!

Overcoming the Urgency Addiction
digital audio class

Great Parenting demands that we are effective! That’s why I am giving you this short training as a bonus.

I share keys for how…and why… to overcome the addiction we all seem to fall into –the urgency of the moment becoming more important in our lives than being effective as a parent.

How to Stop Power Struggles –Getting What You Want Through Powerful Communication

What can you do to get what you really want out of your relationships? …And have a healthy happy home life, without manipulation?

In this book you’ll get clear, concise answers and learn things you can take action on TODAY!

The Teaching Self GovernmenteNewsletter

I wish I could come to every home and spend a few days coaching you on your parenting, but, because of the sheer numbers demanding my time, this is one of the few ways I am able to help you out consistently without being physically there!

I send answers to parenting questions, articles, and other good information to help you achieve your parenting goals

The BBC’s Show, The World’s Strictest Parents episode
complimentary link

You can watch all the action of two wild teens being tamed by the power of the same calm parenting that you will learn in the “Calm Powerful Parenting…like you’ve never heard before!” Audio/eBook Course.

I tell you, it truly was an amazing time with these teens. In fact, just last year we went to England to spend time with James (one of the teens) who kept his life straight after his brief stay with us and has since graduated from college.

You’ve got to see this!

Here’s the whole package!

I rarely offer so much for so little,
but I really really want to get this information into as many hands as possible!


Family life can be so much more peaceful, happy and united!
Buy this, use this,and exponentially improve your home life and parenting satisfaction!

Calm Powerful Parenting…Like You’ve Never Heard Before!


“Calm Powerful Parenting…like you’ve never heard before!” Audio/eBook Course.

AND all the bonuses (valued over $70)

All for only $29.95

Still want to read more?

Read what others have said about this…



Thank you sooo much. I can’t tell you how amazing and inspiring your classes were. -Leah Spencer


…I have found the principles to be of great benefit to families in my private practice as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, to include nursing homes and a residential facility for youth… — Lynda Baum, APRN, PhD




I feel so blessed to know you and to have been taught and mentored by you through your seminars (on CD),
presentations, blog, and your fabulous book. You have changed our family for good and we are so happy!
— Tricia Cope




I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!
It has made such a huge difference in our family life! — Carlene


I have really appreciated the things that I have learned from teaching self government.
The greatest part about it, is that it is so easy to apply to your life.
It gives you a new vocabulary that unites the family in loving discipline, as well as ammunition
when you are at your wits end. Because of teaching self government, I have found myself saying in my
mind “be calm” and then turning to my kids and calmly explaining the situation to them,
telling them why it was not appropriate, and instructing them how they could have done things different.
This has been invaluable in my life, and I am so grateful to have found it. — Lindy McKay



Let’s Recap what amazing value you are getting for your small investment

Calm Powerful Parenting…Like You’ve Never Heard Before!

*Audio Class:Power of Calm
Calm parenting is possible today!
(VALUE: $13.95)

*Audio Class:Training the Heart
Rapidly become a more powerful parent and help your children change for the better.
(Value $13.95)

*eBook and Audio:Popular Parenting Methods, Are They Really Working?
Understand your style of parenting and what methods will get you the long term results you really want.
(Value $23.90)


*Audio Class:Urgency Addiction(Value $4.39)
*eBook: How to Stop Power Struggles(Value $9.95)
*FreeNewsletter(Value $5/month )
*Link to theBBC Show

Don’t let another day of parenting frustration keep you from the
parenting satisfaction and family unity that this course can teach you!



If, in 60 days, you find that the class added no value to your life
nor betterunderstanding of how to be a
better more satisfied parent,
then we will give you a prompt and courteous refund.


  • The audios are in mp3 format.
  • Books are pdf eBooks (you need Adobe Acrobat to read them —Get Adobe Reader here for free.)
  • After your purchase is completed watch your email inbox for email regarding your purchase and instructions on how to access your purchase on our website. This will take only a few moments, and the you’ll be on your way to discovering parenting solutions that work.

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-Results may vary. Positive results are often a direct result of parents consciously applying the principles and skills taught in the course. Those who purposefully practice and use what is taught will most likely feel calmer as parents and most likely their kids will also be better behaved and be more respectful. That said, no two families are exactly alike, so consistant effort and possibly further education may be needed to see the complete results parents may desire. Use the education, get results. It’s been proven time and time again.
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