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Buy the Book for Cheap!

<blockquote>        I've read about Love and Logic, Power of Positive Parenting and other books that were ok, but not memorable.  You know how I feel about L and L, too confusing, too inconsistent, creates too many power struggles.  P of PP I loved and recomend to help you get in a good frame of mind, but I didn't walk away from that empowered with the tools/skills to follow through with my new vision of the P of PP.  I'm all pumped up to parent with positiveness, but what does that look like, how does is sound, how does it really play out in the heat of the moment when my first reaction is to spank, yell or lecture inappropriately like how I was raised.......YOUR book tells how (the 4 basic skills, the SODAS and role playing and thinking of 'time out' or 'grounded' differently making better use of that time, the family government!!!  Ah, freedom from anger and frustration, freedom from bad parenting behaviors.......!) </blockquote>