Love Begins at Home | Teaching Self-Government

Love Begins at Home

"Love begins at home." - Mother Teresa

I absolutely love this quote for its power and simplicity. A child's first lessons in love are in the home. They will base all other relationships throughout their lives on the quality of love they received from their parents and siblings. From their experiences at home, they will come to expect love to be kind or harsh, selfish or selfless, or as an element that builds up or tears down. We must do everything in our power to train how children how to love correctly.

The culture of love our homes also impacts our ability to show to charity to people outside of our homes each day. If we leave our homes every morning with the confidence of knowing we're love, then we'll feel like we have more to offer those around us. If we feel deprived of love, it makes it much more difficult to muster charity throughout the day.

 Let us commit today to make the world, and especially our families, a better place by showing true love in our homes.