Shilo Lindstrom | Teaching Self-Government

Shilo Lindstrom

When I first became a wife my goal was perfection. I would be the perfect wife that kept the perfect house with perfect food to eat and laundry perfectly done each week. When I became a mother I was going to be the perfect mother, too, with perfect children. This desire for perfection led to a lot of deep learning.

I have a new mantra now....PROGRESS not perfection. Do the project, make the mess, and clean it up. Learning and growing are messy.  I discovered a compassionate voice within myself for my own short comings which extends to others.

I am passionate about all things family. I have a bachelors degree in Family Life Education and am pursuing my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Teaching Self-Government aligns with what I believe, what I have learned and has given me a foundation of skills in my parenting to be calm and love my children through any unexpected experiences that come along. It has given me a road map to create a home and family where each individual can continually practice becoming a better version of who they are in a way that supports the whole family. It is not sacrificing the individual or the family, but synergistically combining each beautiful part.

I cannot wait to help others on their journey to creating a stronger, more united family full of love!

Disclaimer: I will not practice family therapy as a TSG mentor.