11 Year Old Shares His Self-Government Resolutions | Teaching Self-Government

11 Year Old Shares His Self-Government Resolutions

Eleven year old, Jacob, shares his New Years Resolutions ideas.  I recently met Jacob's family and helped them learn some self-government principles.  When I came to visit a second time he showed me his inspiring idea of how to keep himself motivated and focused on his self-government goals.  

Talk about inspiring!! He made his own New Years Resolution activities.  Go Jacob!!!  He is a great example of a youth who analyzes himself, understands cause and effect, and wants self-government.  I was so impressed.  

Nicholeen's Implementation Course for parents has all the rest of the videos made at the visit to Jacob's family.  In these videos we learn how to do problem solving exercises, how to do proper corrections, and how to do the Four Basic Skills.  They were amazing on film.