Youth (10-18)

Obedience - The First Homeschool Lesson

In a new class given to a live audience, Nicholeen Peck discusses how to get your children ready for life by teaching obedience as part of Homeschool.  Being able to be obedient is the first and fundamental bu... more

Making Logical Parenting Choices

Have you ever made a decision that didn't seem quite logical, to you or other people, but you felt it was the right thing to do? Listen to this audio clip! Gemspride and prejudicelogical parentingproper judgme... more

The Cultural Parenting Revolution

Are you an effective parent?  Are you causing you children more harm than good?  In a groundbreaking class, Nicholeen Peck discusses popular forms of parenting throughout the ages and analyzes the goods and t... more

"Master Your Mother Tongue": Building Character

My father used to always say, "Master your mother tongue and you will make a mark upon the world that will be noticed."  This advice changed my life.  I am still not perfectly articulate, but it is always on... more

The Homeschool Helper

Is your homeschool feeling lack-luster, boring or... dead?  Fear not!  Nicholeen Peck and Teaching Self Government have created the perfect class for you.  Have you ever wondered "What's next" for your child... more

5 Social Lessons Every Child Must Know

5 Social Lessons Every Child Must Know Come hear Nicholeen get real about what is really happening in the world today and why we deeply need social skills. This presentation was given as a part of a Family... more

How to Quit Porn: A Spiritual Transformation

Hopefully the moment you clicked the link to this article your computer gave you a warning that this article will have the word porn in it. That is a sign that you are trying to keep your family away from porno... more

Bodies For Sale! Teaching Modesty

  “...Everyone is selling something,” I said as I talked to a young girl one evening.   Her mother had just made a comment about how the outfit the girl was wearing was “too revealing” and so she woul... more


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