First Annual Couple's Retreat


First Annual Couple’s Retreat

October 18th - 20th, 2012



Join us for a weekend of inspirational instruction and coaching in the beautiful Weber Mountains. (20 couple limit)

Activities Include:

  • Free DVD of Nicholeen Helping a Family Implement Self-Government

  • Classes Especially for Moms

  • Classes Especially for Dads

  • Couple’s Coordination Workshops

  • Skills Training & Personal Coaching

  • Unity Fostering Activities

  • Racketball, Hiking, Billiards

  • Live Entertainment and Dancing

  • Catering by a Gourmet Chef



  • $500 per couple 

(Price includes lodging and food)

Call (801) 554-4434 for more information

To Reserve Your Place Contact| Teaching Self Government | | (801) 554-4434


Nicholeen Peck's picture

Hey everyone! We are going to give a free DVD of me teaching self-government to a family of 12 children for all the couples who come to the retreat!

Also, we are bringing some of this amazing family to the retreat to speak about their self-government journey and how they got through the hard behavior times.

You are going to absolutely LOVE meeting the Aponte family and hear their story of self-government has transformed them.

Lisa Fielding's picture

The DVD sounds WONDERFUL! Can we purchase it without coming to the retreat? We wont be able to make it. My husband and I have been reading your book and applying what we are learning. I would LOVE to see all this in action!

Amy Quam's picture

Can you give us an idea of the schedule of events. I would love to come but wouldn't be able to make it there until Thursday night or Friday morning.

hollylovescory's picture

I would love to attend a function like this, but I live in Arizona. Do you plan to expand the locations for this retreat or should we just start planning for a trip to Utah for next year? And will you hold it annually in October or will the month change year to year? LOVE LOVE LOVE this option!

Nicholeen Peck's picture


If there were enough people and a proper location in Arizona I would go. But, for now I am only planning on having them in Utah. My plan is once per year, but not sure if we will stay with October or not. Start saving and watch the newsletter.

Betty Ludlow's picture

We will not be able to come to this retreat but would like further schedules for your retreats and your seminars in the future. Our children are all grown and half of them have their own families. We are now grandparents and want to continue to be great parents and now become even greater grandparents. After listening to some of the videos on your web I new you could add to that. We have yearly reunions and visit the different children and their families all over the country. Family is very important to us. We are also members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have a great desire to let all of our grandchildren know how much we love the Lord. Your videos show that love as well.
Thank you for all that you are doing for families!

Angelica Nichols's picture

Hi Nicholeen,

I've been thinking about you and your family so much these past couple of days. I know you all put so much time and effort into the couple's retreat and I want you to know how much we appreciate it. Thank you so much. Until now, I have been doing most of the work trying to implement and teach these tools to my family, but now my husband and I are on the same page with this. Practicing the skills was perfect for him. It's been so neat to watch him since we came home using the different skills and also for me to be using some skills I hadn't mastered before.

Tell your kids "thank you" from us for being our trainers and that we noticed what good workers they were (proof is in the pudding for the tools you teach). The food was delicious! Your parents did a fantastic job. I loved your presentations & only wish I could have taken better notes (nursing babies make that difficult). I love that you use analogies when you teach- I often have analogies going through my brain when I'm working and learn really well through them, so thank you for that!

If you decide to do another retreat in the future, I would jump at the chance to come!

Thanks so much!
Angie Nichols
P.S. I loved your outfit the second day- you looked so pretty in that coral colored shirt.

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